Vietnam Cycling Tours-Vietnam Bike Tours

About Us and Our Story

Nine friends from New Zealand did a bike tour in the Mekong Delta in 2007. We loved it so much that we thought that tourists coming to Vietnam must have the same opportunity to have the same experience. It’s ‘non touristy’, you get to see the ‘real’ Vietnam, you cycle on country roads and paths that aren’t difficult. Everyone can do this bike ride. SEEING VIETNAM BY BICYCLE.

As my own childhood have grown up along with the region, we have in recent years put more effort into expanding our family trips, hosting families with children of all ages in every place we operate. We're also excited about our newly updated cycling, modern architecture, traditional pottery, and culinary .

What's important to know about us besides our long and enduring experience in the region? Many years ago we decided to "keep it real"—to respect the place and the people of the region, supporting our staff as they built families and new lives in a region devastated by war and poverty, and local communities . As a smaller boutique operator, we treat our travelers the same, organizing immersive and completely authentic private trips for only a few hundred people each season. It's about the right amount that we've found we can still know everyone personally and provide all the attention and meticulous planning required to make sure every trip is not only perfect but thrilling and unforgettable. Let us plan an immersive, authentic, entirely unique trip, leveraging our local knowledge, from low-to-the-ground adventures to "ultra-luxe" journeys (without the ultra cost).

What really sets us apart? We're a smaller tour operator, organizing only private trips, no two the same but curated and meticulously organized for each of our travelers. Since then, we've organized hundreds trips, often for repeat clients and their friends. Enjoy authentic experiences, rich personal encounters, delightful activities and memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy the convenience and 24 x 7 service with an office in Saigon.

Many of our travelers say Vietnam was their favorite place, but I think that is also because of the very special trips we plan for them. My country is about the people even if all you hear about is the food, that is amazing too and even is also our most popular kind of trip. I will be happy to plan your dining experiences, I very much like introducing our travelers to the authentic foods of Vietnam. We may also arrange meetings with artists, chefs, war veterans and many others, even people along the way and this is what is so remarkable about my country. We are very friendly and enjoy guests all the time. We are also  love to arrange trips for families with kids and share their excitement that is always a thrilling part of travel in Vietnam. I will be in contact long before you depart and also meet you after you arrive in Vietnam, and look forward to hosting you during your time here something I've enjoyed for over 20 years.